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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Releasing the assets

Releasing the assets of Libya.  Give me a break.  You froze them with a stroke of the pen (or was it with the push of a button).  Now you are having trouble releasing them!!!    You europeans (small e) have been very comfortable holding huge amounts of Libyian oil money for the Colonel.  Propped up your economy, didn't it.  Now if you release the money, it will be a run on your bank.  Don't have the money, do you.  And what about Switzerland - the land of chocolate and coco clocks.  When they hold money stolen from the people of a country by corrupt leaders they just sit on it.  Just look at the time it took for the people of the Philippines to get any of the money back that Markos stole.  I bet Qaddafi has lots of money squirreled away in Switzerland.  I bet Libya won't see any of it any time soon.

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