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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Helping President Obama

I don't think most Americans understand how the American political system works.

Congressmen and Senators
The only thing these folks fear more than not being re-elected is not being reelected and not getting a cushy job as a lobbyist or as a high paid executive in some part of the corporatocracy.  This explains many of their actions when they are in power.  We can use this fear.

The President
When you have elected a good one your president is the true representatives of the people and you have one of the best you have ever had in the White House right now.  When you elect a lemon, the  president is the representatives of the corporatocracy.  Guess who reduced controls on big business and the banks and allowed them to regulate themselves.

 Don't get me wrong.  I'm not against business and certainly not against the so called Capitalism.  Business is good, and properly regulated Capitalism is by far the best system we have come up with.  In the majority of cases, what is good for business is good for the people but this is not axiomatic.  A business that does most of its manufacture overseas is not good for it's country.  A business that pollutes the environment and sickens people living nearby is not good.  Businesses that do not recycle are not good. A business that builds in obsolescence in its products is not good for the citizens of it's country. I'm sure you can think of other examples.

America has a habit of throwing out their best presidents.  Look what happened to Jimmy Carter.  For once you elected a highly intelligent president with the needed vision to protect and nurture America and take her into a bright future.  If you had elected him for a second term there is a very good chance that you wouldn't be a declining country controlled by the industal-military complex, the banks and the  corporatocracy.  You wouldn't be dependent on fossil fuels and you would have a decent medical and general safety net.  Better yet, you would hardly need  this safety net because people would have jobs.  If you get in behind Obama you will get the same result.

A president can't go it alone.  He needs a mandate from the people and he needs this mandate for everything he does - not just the mandate of being elected.  Even if he has a Democratic Party majority in the congress and the senate, it is hard enough for him to get things done.  Even the Democrats are hoping for these cushy jobs if they get thrown out of office.  If the old reptile ###holds sway in the senate and the congress, the president is truly stymied.  What to do.

###  This link sometimes doesn't work.  If it fails, google Bill Meher thanks Teabaggers and Sarah Palin

Also look at this message that Obama sent Xmas 2011.  This is what I mean
"Earlier this week, it looked like Congress would go home for the holidays without preventing a tax increase that would mean millions of American families would have about $40 less in each paycheck.
But then something pretty incredible happened.
It began when we asked everyone to show us how that missing $40 would affect them and their families. In a matter of hours thousands of vivid, powerful stories from Americans of all ages, all backgrounds, from every corner across the country were pouring in. For some, $40 means dinner out with a child who's home for the holidays. For others it means a tank of gas or a charitable donation. In just two days, tens of thousands of Americans were making their voices heard.
You spoke up. Your voices made all the difference.
Thanks to you, Congress reached an agreement to extend the payroll tax cut.  On top of that, vital unemployment insurance will continue for millions of Americans who are looking for work."

Demonstrations are good.  A good example is the demonstrations of Oct. 2011.  "The man" is taking notice of these demonstrations against corporate greed and bank bail outs.  Look at how much money the banks are contributing to the police to put down the demonstrations.  Incidentally, who's money do you think this is that they are giving to the police.  But demonstrations are not enough.  And in reply to these demonstrations, the powers-that-be are asking for specific measures that the people want.  I don't know why the demonstrators are so reluctant to get down to specifics.  What would be wrong with carrying around placards with  the following messages.

Maximum pay for a CEO 6X the lowest wage in his company

95% tax on bonuses

Banks that make the loan carry the risk

No speculation by banks

Ban derivatives.  They are gambling - not investment

Banks that speculate can not call themselves Banks

Banks invest,  They do not speculate.

If you speculate, you are not a bank

Pre-Reagen rules for banks

No more toxic mortgages

A flat tax rate for individuals and business but no loopholes

Jim Hansen's Tax and Dividend

Zero tax up to the poverty level, Flat rate above that

Clean legislation.  No attachments.

Stop using our money.    
To pay the police.  
To suppress our demonstration. (Four plackards marching behind one another to do this one)

How about this one.  It will really set the cat amongst the pigeons

Creating money is a sovereign right


Debt money created by the bank is sinking us

watch the bankers squirm with these two

see this link

and so forth. 

But what else is needed.  You must bombard your congressman and senators (two per state as I understand it) with letters and e-mails telling him what you expect him to do and how you expect him to vote on every issue.  Never make a letter more than one page.  Never be abusive.  Always get someone  you trust to read over your letter before you send it.  Give the reasons why you expect him to vote that way.  Always run your letter through spell check.  Leave it for a day at least and re-read it before sending.

And to someone out there, please put up  a web site which has an easily understood list of the voting record of your representatives.  Study it and see if he is truly representing you or if he is cow-towing to the corporatocracy.

Use blogs and social media to clearly express why you are for or against this or that policy and why.

And finally, vote with your purchasing power.  Buy from businesses that are good for America.

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