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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why aren't conservatives conservationist

I just don't get the right wing of various countries and especially those in the US of A.  By and large, the Republicans and their nutty fringe, the Tea Party, seem to contain a huge proportion of religious fundamentalists.  By contrast, the Democrats, the left wing, seem rather rich in atheists and agnostics.  I mean, can you imagine someone like Bill Maher in the US or Richard Dawkins in the UK belonging to the right wing.  Not on your Nelly.

In the good book that the Religious right constantly harks back to* god gave us dominion over the beasts in the fields, the birds in the Air and the fish in the sea**.  Dad was passing on the family business to us.  He didn't specifically say, "take care of it" but I think we would be justified in assuming that was his intention. 

*Senator Joe Barton of Texas just tried to deny climate change by saying that the biblical flood was an indication of climate change before there was any significant increase in CO2.  Jeeessssh!!

**Read Farley Mowat's book, Sea of Slaughter.

Why is it then that by and large,  the religious right that wants to drill, mine, log fish, and exploit the environment with no thought for the future while the agnostic left wants to preserve gods bounty.

I just don't get it.  Why aren't conservatives conservationists.

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BlueStar said...

Few people of any political affiliation seem to be able to apply long-term thinking skills to solving current problems and concerns.