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Saturday, August 10, 2019

The battery I want to own

I want a battery for my home.  It would be no good for a car although it might be good on a train.  I can picture a train pulling it's first car like they used to do with coal or wood in the old steam locomotives but forget about that for the moment.  What would be the ideal home battery.

Completely necesary

* It must be able to be charged and discharged a huge number of times without loosing capacity.

* It must be able to be overcharged without damage, either because that is the way it is or because it has a rising tail of voltage as it approaches full charge that stops the flow of electricity.

* It must be able to be discharged completely without damage.  In other words you can use it's full capacity.

Not needed

 * It doesn't have to be compact.  I will house it in a well ventilated outbuilding on the property.

*  It has no weight restrictions.  Batteries will be on racks in the building.  

* It can need regular maintenance - say topping up distilled water each week or something similar.

* It doesn't have to not give off, say Hydrogen.  The battery building will be well ventilated.

* It doesn't have to hold it's charge particularly well.  If it lost, say, 3% per day due to self discharge, that would be acceptable.

Nice to have  
*  Nice if it used common materials such as graphite, Aluminum, Copper, Iron and so forth.  Readily available materials are generally less expensive and readily obtainable.

*  Nice if it used a fairly common base, acid or salt for the electrolyte.

*  It probably should operate at 'normal' temperatures.  Say from minus 20 to plus 50 degrees centigrade.

* Even nicer if a home builder could put one together by himself but that is probably too much to ask for.

Such a battery will be used in conjunction with home solar panels or wind turbines and, if full, will be good for around 3 days without input.  Does such a battery exist.

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