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Monday, January 29, 2018

Wasted Effort

We are wasting our effort, dissipating our effectiveness and ensuring failure.  I refer to our various disparate campaigns.  Save the flowers, save the bees, save the snails, save the trees.  We could go on and on with mitigating climate change, re-wilding, stopping all sorts of pollution, getting control of trade agreements that shaft us, stopping subsidies to fossil fuel companies and on and on it goes.  There is one ring that controls them all.

Nowhere is that old adage "Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune" more true.  We, the peasants,  think we are gaining some advantage by others paying for the election campaigns of our elected officials and then we wonder why the elected officials do the bidding of the vested interests.  What a great investment for them.

They pay pennies and get back dollars, pay millions and get back billions.  For big business this has to be one of the best investments they will ever make.  They support politicians, often on both sides, just to hedge their bets and the politicians make sure that the legislation is in favor of big business and rich individuals and ensure that they get tax breaks and subsidies.

This is costing us hugely in our day to day life and it is now clear that this system could bring down our civilization.  If even some of the milder scenarios from the scientists are correct with respect to the effects of climate change, we could be knocked back into the dark ages or even the stone age*

The fringe scientists suggest we could trigger a run away green house effect that would turn us into a new Venus.

If, for instance, some of the predicted tipping points are reached, climate could change faster than our very precariously balanced agriculture could cope with.  Even a single year of crop failure in the grain belts of the Northern Hemisphere would be disastrous.  This grain feeds the world.  Imagine a decade of such crop failure until we work out how to grow crops  under the new climate regime.

Or even more disastrous, it is a real possibility that our climate will flick flack back and forth between the existing and the new regime before it settles down.  This would be even more serious than a sudden change to a new climate. You would have no idea what crops would succeed from year to year.

We have seen, in the 1930's and again, even more so, in 2008 how interconnected the world  is.  Back many centuries ago, if Europe crashed, America didn't even know Europe existed.  Now one country going down economically brings all down.  How much more disastrous would it be if our food supply suddenly crashed.  America, Canada and Russia provide most of the grain to a wide range of third world countries.

And how about the present refugee problem.  It is just a tiny fore-taste of what would face us if climate change begins to get really serious. 

So what is the bottom line.  If we want politicians to do what is best for us, the people, we must be the ones that pay for their election campaigns and the first order of business after this is achieved is to pass legislation that anyone who pays money to any politicians for any reason what-so-ever gets mandatory jail time.  Campaign money must come from the exchequer.

And it doesn't have to cost the ridiculous amounts that it costs now.  Politicians can be given a legislated amount of money and a legislated time on national radio and television.  They would get a legislated amount of money for space on news papers .  Venues would be rented for them to hold town meetings where each candidate answers questions from each other, from the moderator and from the audience.  We should also set up a standard web site for each of them

On their individual, standardized web site, they can express themselves as they please.   But there will also be a section inaccessible to them, in which past promises are compared with their voting record and a section comparing their voting record with any other politician one is interested in.    Of course, they can use the Internet to their hearts content.  It costs nothing.

If we want to call the tune, we have to pay the piper.  We should stop all our campaigns for various causes and concentrate a huge ground swell on this one alone.  Then all our other campaigns will be so much easier to achieve.  We are so smart individually but so dumb in the collective.  How hard is it to understand.
Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya and most others do too. Prob being the PTB will either put you in jail or kill you if you get in the way of their profit. Good luck friend.