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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Why Impeach Trump[

 A few of the members of the United States Congress have said it is just petty to impeach Trump.  After all, he will be gone in a few days.  Just let him go.  Let's look at some of the implications of impeaching or not impeaching.

1/ American politicians blather on about America being a country of laws.  In other words, personal interest, wealth, position and so forth do not influence the outcome of a trial.  All is fair in the land of the brave and the home of the free.  Of course this is complete nonsense but, at least verbally, this is what politicians aspire to.

  If some one else had committed a crime, and, say, promised to leave the country, there would be no thought of letting him go scott free.  He would be brought up for trial and either convicted or freed.  

The same should apply to Trump.  In fact, reversing the idea of a blind fold over the eyes of the  justice lady who holds the scales in her right hand and the sword in the left, the punishment should be greater for a person in great responsibility who flouts the law.  Convicting Trump for the great finale of his disastrous 4 years in office is simply the right thing to do.

2/  You, the members of congress, both in the house of representatives and in the Senate are sending a message to the American people which will be recorded in history for all time.  You are saying either that firing up a mob to march on the very core of your democracy for completely specious, selfish, self serving reasons is either OK or is not OK.  

Micky mouse regimes rarely have an orderly transition of power.  With all the abuses in the American democratic system such as voting suppression, few and far between voting stations, denial of voting for registered people, use of voting machines, gerrymandering and so forth, the one ray of light in this whole sorry morass you call democracy was your orderly transition of power.  Now even that has been threatened.  The world should send observers to the USA to monitor your elections.  By not convicting Trump you send a message not only to your people but to the world that the last remnants of democracy in America is now gone.

3/  On a more prosaic note, some corporations have announced that they will no longer support the election campaigns of any member of government that votes against impeachment.  There is a very tight correlation between the amount of money a candidate can raise and his chances of winning the vote.  There are rare exceptions but the correlation is far greater than is ever seen in social sciences. 

 If corporations carry through in sufficient numbers, you are toast and this is where the public can have an effect.  We, the people, simply boycott any corporation that supports corrupt politicians that refuse to convict Trump. This will threaten the destruction of your system of lobbying and vote buying, the way you enrich youselves when in office and your cushy jobs when you leave office.

4/  If you do not convict Trump, he can continue to disrupt the government over the next 4 years, basically campaigning to become president in 2024,  This is the worst nightmare possible for the American people and what little is left of American democracy.  If found guilty in the Senate, it is much more likely that attorneys general  of the federal government and of various states will move to convict him on many other crimes he has committed.  They will not be afraid of his revenge when he again becomes president. By convicting Trump you open him up to a complete examination of his corrupt business practices.

Just a final thought.  As strage as it seems, given the present voting in the Senate, it is in the interest of the Republican senators to convict Trump and in the interest of the Democrat senators to acquit him.  If he is acquitted, he will continue his destruction and spintering of the Republican party over the coming 4 years and then run again in 2024.  The Republicans then have two choices.  They either take him as their candidate or allow him to run at the head of his so called Patriot party.  On the Republican ticket he will continue the destruction of the GOP and of America.  On his own ticket, he will split the vote on the right and allow the Dems to sail through the rift between these two parties.

Clearly, if we completely ignore the fact that another 4 years of Trump would be a disaster for America, it is in the interest of the Dems to acquit Trump.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

A letter to Nissan

To the Nissan Leaf designers.


We purchased a second hand Nissan Leaf a few months ago and it is a beauty.  It has all the features we could ask for and more.  You have a touch screen but have also made pretty well all the controls tactile.  I don't have to take my eyes off the road to operate them.  This is a great plus.  Touch screens in cars are more dangerous than cell phones.  As for the phone app, it is great to be able to do it all verbally and the quality of the sound is really great.  So what else have you done that I really  like.

The battery in the leaf we bought was a 24kWh with 60% left in it.  In other words, we had a 14.4kWh battery.  We got it changed for a 30kWh, 90% battery from a wrecked Leaf resulting in an effective 27kWh battery. This is the first thing that I really like about the Leaf.  The initial model has stayed the same for the first 10 years meaning that I could have even swapped out the old battery for a 40kWh battery.  The whole exchange takes a mechanic one hour.  Keeping the model the same and eliminating this built in obsolescence that is so common in other equipment these days is a really strong selling point. 


You have no self driving and this is very much a plus in my opinion.  I don't want it and won't have it.  I like driving and would rather drive myself.  Besides it increased the price of the car and one of your most important selling points is the price range of Leafs


You also don't have any connection with the internet.  I really don't want someone hacking my car some time in the future and interfering with my driving.  If you do have to upgrade some soft ware, let me download it from my computer onto a flash drive, insert it into the car and presto, upgrade sorted.


But where do you fall short.

You are operating on an old business model that quite frankly has no place and no sympathy with modern customers.  You should be providing new replacement batteries at a reasonable mark up so that Leaf owners can extend the life of their Leaf with a simple battery exchange.  Instead you are making it almost impossible to buy a replacement and it costs far far more than it should (if you can even buy one).  The car is great.  It should go through at least 5 battery changes before the car is worn out.  And, each battery change will give the car greater range and slower battery fade as battery technology advances.  At present you are trying to force the customer to buy a new Leaf.  

While you are at it, you could supply a conversion kit that would allow the customer to use the old battery to power his home.  That would be a great service.  We could effectively deduct the price of a Tesla Power Wall from the cost of the battery exchange (and probably have even more storage capacity than the Power Wall).  This would make the purchase of a new battery for my Leaf very attractive financially.

The Leaf fills a market/price position that Tesla has not yet arrived at but they are approaching it rapidly.  You have a solid base of satisfied customers and a great car.  Think of your customers and your bottom line will take care of itself.  Publicize the fact that you will keep the new model the same for at least a decade as you did with the first model and that you will provide new batteries with the latest technology and that they will fit into previous leafs with a minimum of labor.

One other thing to consider.  Your battery management is not up to scratch.  As I understand the situation, it is detrimental to battery life to allow the battery to go above or below a certain temperature range.  Tesla manages this with a liquid cooled manifold that touches each battery and the liquid is fed to a radiator.  You really must upgrade your cooling system.  Is this also done to force people to buy a new Leaf as the battery degrades faster than it should?  Again, think of your customers.  A long lasting battery is a great selling point.

The Leaf is well on the way to becoming the peoples iconic car of the electric era.  The first such car was the Model T Ford.  Later came the Volkswagen Beatle and the Deaux Cheveaux (2CV).  The leaf could be the iconic peoples car on into the future.  But the main feature for the modern buyer and especially the younger generation that will be buying your car is for you to abandon built in obsolescence.

 By the Way, your Auria looks amazing but the Leaf is all the car that I need or want.  Don't abandon it, now that you are making this new car.

I love my Leaf.  Let me keep it running long into the future and to tell everyone I meet how great it is in all respects.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Joe's first fire side talk

Hi Joe

The FireSideTalk is a great American tradition, started by FDR.  It is the way the president can get the American People working with him to pass legislation, especially if another branch of the government is obstructing what is needed to be done.  So here is a suggestion for your first FireSideTalk.

Good Evening my fellow Americans

I will be doing Fire Side Talks each Friday and they will be aired on youtube.  They will deal, primarily with Bills I send to the Congress.  These bills will be simple, easily understood and dealing with one subject at a time.  Great complex, long bills are often hard to understand.  In Fact they are often purposefully made difficult to understand to obscure their hidden agendas and this is simply not democratic.  In future Fire Side Talks, I will tell you who has opposed these bills and what their arguments are.  So here goes.  Here is the first bill I will send to the Senate and the House of Representatives; The Congress of the United States.

Our election system is highly corrupt at a basic level and many many reforms are needed.  The primary reform; the one that is most anti-democratic is the delegate system.  It was originally put in place to ensure that rich land owners, mostly rich white men at the time, could control the election of the president if the popular vote went against who they wanted for president.  This has to stop.

My first bill to the Congress will propose that the president of the United States will henceforth be elected by the popular vote of the People of the United States.

Can you imagine how many vested interests will oppose this proposition.  Here is where you come in.  In future Fire Side Talks, I will tell you who is against this bill in the House of Representatives and in the Senate and you must help me get through to these people.

Many more reforms will be necessary.  For instance, we need far more polling stations.  It is a scandal that you have to travel great distances to find a polling station and then wait for hours to vote.  Gerrymandering is a stain on our democracy.  Denial of registration is a scam.  But these, and other blots on the operation of our democracy will be the subject of a future bill.  One thing at a time.  I'm Asking you, the America People to help me.  I can't do it alone.  Good by until next Friday.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


This blog was triggered by an article in New Scientist, 7, November, 2020 p16 Titled Innovation.  It was all about bringing the UK back into the lead in the world in Advanced Research Projects.


Not all innovation has to be research based, ground breaking and expensive.  There are many simple, well known measures that would make a huge difference.
*Introduce beavers into the headwaters of every catchment and you mitigate floods, increase low water flows, clean the water, increase biodiversity recharge ground water, trap the nutrients coming upstream with salmon migrations into the surrounding ecosystem and create a great tourist attraction.

*Finance election campaigns from the exchequer instead of from vested interest contributions and you eliminate a large block of political corruption.  This is the prime reason that politician do the bidding of vested interests instead of the bidding of the people who elected them.  Solve this one and we would stop having to push the brown stuff uphill with a spoon. Do this and most of the rest will be simplicity itself to achieve.

*Remove all subsidies on fossil fuel and a big chunk of climate change mitigation will occur automatically. Renewable energy can stand on it's own feet economically, especially since the advent of mega batteries.  Do you realize that the 100mWh battery at Hornsdale in Southern Australia is on track to earn the total $66m Aus that it cost, within three years.  They have added another 50kWh of storage and I bet they add more.

*Eliminate Cap and Trade and legislate Tax and Dividend and money will be put into the hands of the poorest instead of the richest, stimulating the economy.  The rich simply squirrel it away and it doesn't power the economy.

*Outlaw foreign fishing boats in your EEZ and set large areas aside as no fishing areas and your catches in the fishing-permitted areas will return to what they were two centuries ago.
*Compensate victims of floods from the land or from the sea, generously - once - and that is it.  If they insist on remaining in the flood prone area, they will never be compensated again. Hire a small group of insurance experts to hold the feet of the insurance companies to the fire and make sure they compensate the clients fully for what they deserve according to their policy.

There are plenty more but you get the idea.  The function of government is to set the playing field so that things happen automatically.  They are supposed to take the wider view and enable actions that will benefit her constituents far into the future. 

Monday, November 9, 2020

Letter to Joe

 Hi Joe

You are in a battle but you can win it.  Despite being on the wrong side of almost every vote for virtually all of your political career, you have shown your human side on a number of occasions.  I have the feeling (and the hope) that this human side is not just a coat you put on when convenient but is actually part of your character.


You have shown how you can work with Republicans - by voting with them as if you were a Republican yourself.


Your battle is with the Senate and specifically with Mitch.  He is anti-democratic, anti-constitution, a hypocrite (just look at the appointment of the most recent member of the supreme court) and could care less about the American people.  You can outsmart him.


Your main ally is the American people and they will rally to your support if you show them that you have their backs.  Your legacy could outshine virtually all other presidents and be right up there with FDR. Obama could be left eating your dust.  So what is the strategy here. 


Firstly you must have fire side chats.  Don't do them via any news media but post them on Youtube.  You don't want them edited by your corrupt media.  Post them at the same time each week.  In your fire side talks you tell the people what bills you are going to send, or have sent to the other branches of the government and explain why you are doing it.  As time goes on, you explain where these bills got stopped by the house of representatives or Senate and who, specifically, opposed them.  Keep your bills simple.  No complex bills.  Let's take an example.


Your presidential election system and in fact your total election system is a joke in the eyes of the world.  We find it hard to believe that a country that blathers on about their great democracy and how they spread democracy around the world* (Yeah Right!!!) has such a system.  So here is your first bill.

* Read Classified Woman by Edmons, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by Perkins, The Untold History of the United States by Stone and so forth. 


Propose that the president will be chosen by popular vote.  Whoever gets the most votes by the people wins.  Scrap the present system completely.  Don't include any other reforms in this bill and don't accept any compromises.  Keep each bill really really simple.  You are dealing with a population, 40% of which believe that the world was created some 6000 years ago.  If they send the bill back to you in a modified form veto it and send it back as originally proposed.  Do one easily understood step at a time.  You can tell the people in your fire side talk that following the passing of this bill, you will send other reforms to the House and Senate but one step at a time.  And no pork fat allowed.

Of course Mitch will scream bloody blue murder as will a whole bunch of other vested interests.  The people will love it and they will come out in droves to support you.  You can include clips of Mitch opposing the bill in the Senate in your fire side talks.  Keep hammering on at Mitch.  Continue in this style, step by inevitable step.  When Mitch opposes the bill, and you have explained to the people what is happening, send it to congress again.  Mitch will feel like he has walked into a buzz saw. Go get'im.  You can do it.